Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Eww it's raining now. How's my mom gonna come back? ㅠㅠ Today's her birthday and i can't wait for tonight 8D Food, i can see you waiting for me! :D

So anyway, went to to play basketball and badminton with Sige this morning. Sweated a lot ㅠㅠ
We're seriously rusting, especially badminton lol. And like wtf i had absolutely no strength man! Wae i not strong anymore D<
LOL after that went to 7 Eleven, bought slurpee and Sige went to my house. Normally my house is out of bounds yea, she's the first to enter >D She should feel honoured! Played Box Head with her. I know it's damn violent but i like LOL. We kept putting bombs and the explosions are like damn SHUANG. Kill the zombies like there's no tomorrow 8D
Left for JP at 11.30 to get present for my mom. It's awfully hard to decide which gift, man. At last idk why just bought beans and a random jar (which is supposed to contain paper stars). I'm gonna plant it XD

I'm sick of both my url and blogskin. D: But i've got no inspiration at all.. Somebody inspire me ㅠㅠ


Friday, November 12, 2010

she sets the bar just above the stars

Oh kk i'm finally back people. Listen to my blog song? Who is by Bruno Mars. WALAO lor why his voice so beautiful. Keke jealous.
LOL today gonna be busy day k. My homework how leh and my overdue books and the lost lib book. (Haha i'd got purpose like finally!) Shitz later must rush all the homework cuz my dad coming back today. WAI I STILL HERE ROTTING AWAY. AHH.

They rock k. Thanks to wanjing who let me even know them haha :P

Ohmygee i think my 30 days challenge gonna fail keke. I will do when i have the feeling k.